Annie's Paramount Steakhouse

97% love it
Iconic gay restaurant in DC's gayborhood
The cavernous interior of Annie's, the seriously queer steakhouse, has been updated but the comfort food menu of huge fries and steaks and oversized salads remains unchanged. Upstairs is now a swanky lounge. Make sure to take in a D.C. tradition here: Get a table in the front room with the expansive view of the gay crowd that cruises up and down 17th Street.


    • Great Comfort Food
      I have been coming down to DC for 15+ years and Annie's is always my # 1 stop. The place serves a good mix of comfort food in a warm, relaxing environment. Every time I go it is like a family reunion.

    • hammeddy
      hammeddy 1 year ago
      Hates it

      How tired is this place?
      Ate dinner and bar are smelled like sewage, tlked to manger told me i was an idiot.

    • DCJeep
      DCJeep Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Steak anyone ?
      Great place for brunch and late night meal after the bars close. The best steak and eggs in town!!!

    • sexydog22
      sexydog22 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      the wrong steak and very pricie
      On the 30th I went to Annie's with an acquaintance based on his recommendation. I had been there before, but never have really taken by this place. Once, a couple of years ago, I made reservations for Sunday brunch and when an extra person called me to attend, there were five of us, I was not given the extra chair so I had to sit on the edge of the a friend's chair. Neither of us was comfortable, after that event, I didn't return until the 30th. The french fries were over cooked, so it was the steak and it was not the Cajun style flavor. In fact, it was flavorless. I will not return.

    • waspjock
      waspjock Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Hoppin' place
      My wait staff was ancient and professional

    • Pueppchen
      Pueppchen Over a year ago
      Hates it

      OK but nothing special
      Expensive for the quantity and quality you get -prices are even more expensive than the ones given in the internet. $15.50 for a chicken Caesar salad with very little salad and over-salted chicken is definitively too much. The waitress was friendly enough, but couldn't explain the different kind of beers offered on the menu... And there weren't that many! point: you get to see every one walking up or down the street if you're sitting next to the windows under the veranda.

    • thegaytraveler
      thegaytraveler Over a year ago
      Hates it

      A dining tradition
      From salads and seafood to burgers and steaks, Annie's has been serving up consistently decent grub and friendly service for more than 60 years. It is also one of the few restaurants in DC that is open 24-hours on weekends. The main negative is that it is slightly over priced given the average quality of the food.

    • brucemajors
      brucemajors Over a year ago

      No wifiTrios has it a block away

    • RgoNaut
      RgoNaut Over a year ago

      Scott makes the best Bloody Mary in town! Ask for it to be SPICY!!

    • Archie3212
      Archie3212 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Cool atmosphere, excellent food, hot area!

    • deehouston
      deehouston Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gotta Love It
      I look forward to brunch at Annie's during each trip to DC and I've loved it for over 20 years. Annie's continues to improve. The diversity of the clientele, the gay centered approach, and the prices are great. The eye candy from the windows is also great.

    • Jaxaroo112
      Jaxaroo112 Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Had been good before, but.....
      the last time was not so good. The food was ok, but a little on the pricy side for what you get- even in DC. The thing that turned my partner and I off the most was the horrendous service. Rude, arrogant, we had to ask for everything like refills, sauce, silverware, and the check. We haven't been back since. Shame too, I remember some very nice experiences there.

    • docnate
      docnate Over a year ago
      Loves it

      put your bitchy hat away and have some fun
      Great place, comfy and good food.

    • Danindc
      Danindc Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not All That!
      Decided to give Annie's a try after reading the reviews. Short and simple, service was terrible and food mediocure at best! We had to question whether this was the waiters first night! He approached the table not really knowing what was on the menu or how to handle himself as a waiter. (Sat down to take our order!) When the food arrived, he felt it necessary to hand the plates to us instead of placing them on the table???? Strange! We watched his actions with other customers and it was the same. As for the food, salads tasted as though they had been pre-made sitting in a fridge just waiting for it to be pulled for the next order. Steaks and prime rib were tastee but in all accounts overpriced! Definitely not a pleasant experience and won't be recommending this establishment. Stay away, your money can be better spent elsewhere.

    • Thad4Phila
      Thad4Phila Over a year ago
      Loves it

      I love Annie's. Anytime.
      But you know something? I'm just a tourist and am always treated well there, but my last visit I noticed that there were other diners who were being treated more specially. I figured it out. They were regular customers! Wow, what a concept, being extra-nice to the people who keep you in business year-round! It was enough to make me wish I was a regular, too. The food is delicious, especially for carnivores like me. It's especially pleasant for a weekday lunch. Prices are very reasonable. And it's just so gay.