84% love it
A tase of Turkey
Channeling the flavors of Turkey and Greece, Agora is an oasis of flavors and friends, and a gathering place for great dining in Dupont Circle.


    • palgyer
      palgyer Over a year ago

      Amazing food, great service, really good drinks. Definitely will be back!

    • swannapt
      swannapt Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not a good experience
      Went to Agora on a Wednesday night around 9PM. The place was half empty with many 4 top tables open. My party was for 3 people. We were very rudely told by the hostess that she was not permitted to seat 3 people in the dining room. We were told we would have to sit at the bar. At first we thought it was kind of amusing but then sitting at the bar with a bunch of people who were there just to drink and trying to have dinner was miserable. Not a good experience. There are far nicer and friendlier places on 17th street.

    • Shadownlexky
      Shadownlexky Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Excellent Food, Excellent Drink, Excellent Service
      We took in a group of people and ordered one of every appetizer. Everything was wonderful. Light Turkish fare at it's finest. The bar staff is a pleasure to watch at work. Both because they are gorgeous and good at what they do.