The next generation of the D.C. boys of Leather (DCBOL) are once again hosting our bar night at The D.C. EAGLE. Last month was a great time and thanks to everyone for coming out and supporting the gang.

This is a great time to come out if you're curious about the club/Leather community. So if you're a self-identifying sub (or switch), or just curious about everything and wanting to explore... then please, don't be afraid to reach out to the group page, our acting President boy Matt or just come to our bar night and introduce yourself to the gang (it's hard to miss a loud, rowdy group like the boys)

We'll be stripping down and selling our highly- acclaimed jello shots, with beer specials on tap.

Come up to the second-floor (across from the lockers) bar and say hi to the D.C. boys of Leather. ALL ARE WELCOME <3


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