Town & Country


This will be part one of the DC Rawhides Country Western Dance Academy! Basic Two Step: Part 1, taught by Vinaya. There will be 4 lessons total, complete all 4 and you'll get a certificate!

Chris will be playing all of your favorite country western songs.

Come to dance (two-step, line dances, west coast swing,
and waltz) or come to watch.

Doors open at 6:30 for practice.
Lesson from 7:00-8:00
Open dancing from 8:00-10:50
Our door closes at 9:30
21 and up; $5 cover.
Our wristband gets you into Town's drag show *when our event ends.

Have fun and support your sports team. If you want, we will give your cover to one of the Team DC sports team (as long as they are registered with us.)

Simple things to make sure everyone has fun:
-follow the line of dance (for slower or beginner dancers, the best place is often the center of the floor)
-dancers have right of way; avoid standing on or crossing the dance floor
-prevent falls by keeping the dance floor dry; feel free to drink; just don't bring the drink on the floor.


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