Friday: Lunchtime Demonstration at The World Bank


#DidYouKnow that countries, where people earn as little as $2.86 per day--about as much as the price of coffee in many countries--, are designated by the World Bank as "Middle-Income Countries" (MICs)?

By comparison, a High-Income Country such as the US has an average daily income of $148.48 per capita.

How Can You Help?

Well, for starters, call on the World Bank to be fair and change how it classifies countries by income level.

JOIN us Friday, April 21, 2017, for a lunchtime demonstration from 12pm-1pm @ Edward R. Murrow Park.

(4 min walk from Farragut West Metro Station and 7 min walk from Farragut North Metro Station)

*Lunch will be provided and fare cards are available UPON REQUEST!


To learn more abut how YOU can take action, visit RAISETHEMIC.Org!
  • Edward R. Murrow Park
    18th and H Streets, NW, Washington
  • Friday Apr 21
  • Event on Facebook


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