Rocky Horror Picture Show Pride Edition!


It's that time again with The Fairfax Rocky Horror Picture Show group, The Transylvanian Concubines, is pairing up with Fairfax Pride and putting together a Pride Themed Rocky Horror Picture Show!! If this goes off with out a hitch there will be plenty more to come!

This is a semi all ages event. The movie is for 17+ but if you are under that age please either grab Mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle or contact us. We will see what we can do!! We must have parental permission if you wanna come to the show if you are under 17!!

Put on your best fishnets and, let's do the time warp again!! They have worked very hard to make this event awesome for us!!

The admission price to get into the show is $5. Prop bags are $1. We will accepting donations and, handing out NOVAM safe sex kits! They also have merchandise for sale themselves. The show starts at 11:00 PM so, try to arrive a bit early to secure yourself a great seat!! So let's all brush up on our callbacks and, have a blast.


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