Trans Healthcare Discussion


Transgender? Wish your health insurance covered hormones and the surgeries you need? Sick of saving up? Met a particularly ignorant doctor or therapist recently? Let's talk about it. Because believe it or not, it's getting better.

For example, Kaiser started offering a transgender rider this year that covers hormones and $75,000 in trans surgeries (yes, for ONE person!). Companies that provide coverage for at least 500 Kaiser members are now able to purchase this rider for their employees.

Ted Eytan, openly gay Physician Director at Kaiser Permanente, will be attending this support group meeting to learn more about the transgender community, along with E.W. Emanuel, Chief of the Women's Health Service Line. E.W. is in charge of arranging the care for Kaiser's Mid-Atlantic transgender population.

This meeting will be hosted by Genderqueer DC, but since many genderqueer people choose not to physically transition, I would like to open this meeting up to people of all gender identities.

I hope you will attend this meeting even though doctors will be present. It is important that doctors learn more about us and our struggles so they can continue to help us as much as they can.


* As always, the guest list is hidden.
* Please bring a dollar or two; it costs $25 to use this space.


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