"Get Furred" Fur Nightclub's College Back To School Banger !!!!!!


The College Banger of the year is coming to Fur Nightclub this January 26th for its first debut of its Multi-genre party banging madness. Get Furred, in other words "Get out of your Mind" as DJ Sunchase and The Socialytes Dj Duo rip apart the stage going back to back playing all that sh*t you Love. Bare witness to this night of madness with your favorite genre's including House, Electro, EDM Trap, Top100 hip hop, Top40 edm remixes, Progressive electro, hardstyle, and more. Calling all colleges around the DMV..... Its going down.

"These are the nights where memories are made and epic stories are defined"


Dj LineUp:

The Socialytes


Socialytes are a Dj Producer Duo & recording artist group, the all male version of krewella. They Specialize in Djing,remixing and original productions. They are multi-genre Dj/producers frequenting in genres such as Electro house, jakin house, Progressive house,Trap, Top100 hiphop,tech house, deep house, big Room, and baltimore club. The Socialytes originate from the Dmv growing up in Md in the white marsh area. They are quickly rising talents in the EDM community and their popularity is exponentially growing. Only being a duo since 2011 they have already obtained a good base following and opened for acts such as ZEDD, LUCKY DATE, OTTO KNOWS, AND DAVID SOLANO. Also notably their music has been supported on Major Radio Stations In La, San Diego, Vegas, New York, Australia, Belgium and London since their first beatport release in early 2011. With one of their songs charting number 1 on the DMCA charts for two weeks. The Socialytes are performance DJ’s mixing on 4 channels while doing live remixes and sampling on the fly. They Consist of two members Cortez Crawley 21 and John Mullinix 24.

Dj Sunchase


I consider myself to be a messenger. The messages that I deliver may not always be words. They may arrive in the form of a bassline. Maybe in the disguise of a synth, snare, or clap. The messages that I deliver contain unmistakable energy, designed to make your body incapable of standing still. The sound patterns that I send to your ears are intended to create a feeling of euphoria. This feeling of euphoria is what inspires me to do what I do. Every time I stand behind my decks, I feel exhilaration that cannot be matched. Gazing into the crowd and catching a glimpse of each person as their faces beam with happiness is part of the reason I strive to perform. It is difficult to describe the feeling when the perfect track is dropped at the perfect second as the crowd erupts. Constructing a monstrous buildup until at the very last second, when the crowd is about to go crazy, the beat is slammed back to the ground compelling everyone to jump up and down. Moments like this, when I get to share my passion for music with my audience, drives me to work harder than ever before. I love the power of dance music, the energy, the vitality, the opportunity for creativity, the durability and toughness of the genres, the constantly evolving process that defines it.

A native of Maryland, a long time inhabitant of Virginia, and now a buzzing city dweller residing in Washington, D.C., I spend my nights spinning at some of the best nightclubs this town has to offer.

Opened for:
- Coyote Kisses

Closed for:
- 3LAU
- PeaceTreaty


Reduced price with college id before 12


18+ to Party

21+ to Get furred!!!!!

This event will reach capacity so try to get there early to insure entry!!!!!! VIP Guest list and Tables will Be available for reserve....
More info TBA.


Bring your light Gloves, glow sticks, hulu hoops, fluffies and all that good stuff.

Promotional Support By:
David Tristan Coombs "Party Forecast"
More TBA

Dancers: https://www.facebook.com/SamsarAcircleoflife



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