Divalution IX: Just Diva! (Another fabulous New Year's Eve Party)


After delivering eight Divalution parties, involving approximately 1,700 gallons of alcohol, 384 million decibels of ass-kicking music, and 73 unconscionable acts (that we are aware of), we are officially out of clever themes. We thought about a Bond theme, but realized we did that already (A View to a Queen). We thought about an Obama Theme (Four More Divas) but decided our Republican friends have suffered enough. We even thought about a Twilight Theme (Breaking Diva), but remembered even we have standards. So, for our ninth Divalution Party, we are pleased to bring you: Just Diva! Because after all, it's not cleverness that makes these parties, it's all of you. At least we certainly hope so. So please join us in the Lounge at the Hotel Helix on Monday, December 31st, at 8:00 p.m. for drinks, dancing (provided by Erik Lars Evans) and debauchery. And for god's sake be interesting.

Please note: There is NO cover for this event. There is a cash bar that will only accept cash.


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