A Drag Salute to the Divas Xmas Show @ The Howard Theatre


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$20 ($10 table min.)
The Howard Theatre & VanHook Productions
A Drag Salute To The Divas
Eba-Queeta-Scrooge Lip-Synched Stage Play with Female illusionist.

Ebaqueeta Scrooge

It's Scrooge with a hilarious new twist!
Remember the classic story "A Christmas Carol"? Well this is not exactly the child hood fable you are familiar with. The SALUTE TO THE DIVAS are back with Celebrity drag queen and creator/producer Shi-Queeta-Lee headlining as the curmudgeon, "Eba-Queeta Srooge". She and her cast give a sparkle to the story with an added flare that only the divas could bring, in the form of a musical. While keeping true to the original story, with the ghosts of christmas past, present, and future, the Divas get the same point across, but with lots of attitude. Integrated in are some added modern musical numbers from popular artist such as Tina Turner, Donna summer, Janet Jackson, Faith Hill and Boys to Men just to name a few. The glitz glamour and spectacular performances will leave you, intrigued, amazed and completely blown away. Salute to the Divas presents: Eba-Queeta Scrooge, promises to evoke as much emotion as it does humor, just in time for the holiday season. Drag Cast: Riley Knoxx, Capri Bloomingdale, Chanel Devereaux, Lacountress Farrington, Delila B. Lee, Rene Mejia and The Howard Dancers choreographer Derek Brown


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