Oh Whitney/Sean Barna LIVE at DC9!


Whatever you have planned for the evening of Monday, November 19th is not as great as the concert we are putting on at DC9. So, bring literally everyone you have ever met and come to a rock show.

Possible 3rd band TBD...

Doors open at 8:30 and the tunes start at 9. SEE YOU THERE!

ABOUT OH WHITNEY (http://www.ohwhitney.com/)

Oh Whitney is a rock band.

Listening to Oh Whitney is like taking a ride through a wormhole. In one song, they harken back to the hard-hitting style of Led Zeppelin, speak to the likes of Wilco and The Black Keys, and still resonate a distinct sound all their own. In another tune, the band will subtly draw you into an elegiac acoustic number reminiscent of Townes Van Zandt or Fleet Foxes, before Oh Whitney itself goes electric, reinforcing its unique place in the aural landscape. Their unique sound and versatile recordings stereophonically surround you; from a harmony whispered in one ear to a loud guitar passing like a plane overhead, it’s hard not to lose yourself in their music. But in truth, the best way to hear the band is live, as their performances captivate their audiences from the grooving upbeat songs to the reflective slow ones, stimulating the band’s natural chemistry, and reinforcing the fact that Oh Whitney is a band that proves that thoughtful songwriting and true creativity know no stylistic boundaries.

ABOUT SEAN BARNA (facebook.com/seanmichaelbarna)

Sean is the current drummer of The Droids We're Looking For and former drummer of England in 1819 and the North American tour of The Producers: a Mel Brooks Musical.

In 2011, while living in Berlin, he began writing original music on guitar. Upon returning to the United States, he recorded some of the songs in his bedroom. The result is the Love Affairs of the Cities, a collection of songs about the dark parts of the dark bars of the cities of the world.

After spending the summer of 2012 touring the East Coast as the drummer for England in 1819, he will embark on a solo tour in late November.

Sean is a native of New England and, for the time being, splits his time between living in DC and living nowhere.


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