United States Holocaust Museum

100% love it
Chilling reminder of the message "Never Again"
This is a must-see stop in the Nation's capitol, right on the outskirts of the Mall. But be prepared to decompress afterward. Designed to have the walled in appearance of a concentration camp, you are drawn into the vortex of evil and the destruction of an entire population of Jews in Germany and beyond. With its exhibition space, and tours, documentaries and classes, it does a world-class job incorporating the antigay pogroms of the Nazi regime, and makes the connections between anti-Semitism and bigotry more generally in the starkest and most accurate form imaginable.


    • mdembski
      mdembski Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Very moving
      Powerful message. Very moving.

    • Scott
      Scott Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Compelling, thought provoking and moving...
      I had wanted to go to the Holocaust Museum ever since I heard about it, but I was concerned that it wouldn't live up to the initial hype. But, it is an amazing place. The exhibits are actual things from Germany & Europe leading up to the Holocaust and then through the aftermath. There's a lot of info that they manage to get across (a combination of reading placards and videos), but it never felt laborious. It was easy to work your way through and learn a lot about it. Most striking to me was the use of propaganda in the leadup to it. Ostracize a set of people slowly and surely and eventually add in laws limiting their rights. It is a scary parallel of the gay rights setbacks we've had. I shuddered when I noted some tactics of the Bush administration in the early days. My only disappointment was that the area with the pink triangle seemed easy to miss. I would have liked them to call that out a bit more, especially with the current climate around gay rights. I highly recommend this to anyone visiting DC, it is educational, moving and very well done.