Guess what's GROWING BIGGER at The Crucible on the 3rd Friday of each month... Well, actually, LOTS of things were "growing bigger" there on the 3rd Friday of March, but the BIGGEST THING that's growing EVEN BIGGER is the CODE XXX Party itself! And we all know BIGGER is BETTER - at least when it means there were more than TWICE as many hot guys to enjoy! And they came from as far away as Philadelphia and Australia! (Ok, we're not sure the Australian came here just for the party, but still... And he was way-cute, too!) And the Philly boys were hot and LOTS of fun...

SO, the bottom line is that with this success, the party continues... THANK YOU to those who have attended so far! Now, help us continue this growth spurt (and we promise to help you "spurt" as well!) by telling your friends and helping us spread the word. Here's what we envision... Other world-class cities like Berlin, Paris or Amsterdam have events like this PACKED with hot men working up a sweat and working out their hottest desires. We intend for CODE XXX to be THAT event for DC - the "must-come" event each month that people talk about and hot guys plan trips around, whether they're coming from nearby Logan Circle and Northern Virginia, or from as far away as Philadelphia, New York, Berlin, or Australia... To be DC's premiere "anything goes" all-male experience... We're well on our way to making that happen, and we can do it with your help. Why should the guys in Paris have all the fun??? And let's face it, it's a lot faster, easier (and cheaper!) to get over to M St. NE in DC than it is to fly to Berlin! (If you really crave that TSA airport "pat-down" experience, I'm sure we can arrange it...) The Crucible is a big and beautiful space - PACK it with hot men and it will be awesome!

So here's the deal... The Crucible is located at 16 M St. NE. There's plenty of street parking, just off of N. Capital St., just south of New York Avenue. There is also a pay-to-park lot immediately next to the building. This is also METRO accessible - just one block from the NY Ave. Metro Station. (Understandably, The Crucible doesn't want to call attention to itself with a lot of big signs, so just look for the 1-story red-brick building with two large garage doors, on M St., literally just off of North Capital Street. A big leather flag flies above the building. The address "16 M St." is discreetly printed on the entry door. It doesn't look like much from the outside, but once inside, the space is incredible...)

The next party will be Friday, April 20, starting at 10 pm. And although "gear" (sports, leather, rubber, uniforms, etc...) is always appreciated, NAKED or even sleazy streetwear is also fine for the XXX Parties.

IMPORTANT: You DO have to get an annual Crucible membership BEFORE showing up at the door. (The Crucible is a "private club" and this is a legal requirement that will be strictly enforced.) Memberships will NOT be available at the door. You must go to https://www.cruciblelifestyle.com/ticketcenter/membership.aspx to purchase your annual membership ($25 annual fee). (So if you have your membership already, you're all set with regard to this requirement. If you need to get a membership, choose the "Crucible Single" membership option on the website.) TICKETS to the CODE XXX event may then be purchased at https://www.cruciblelifestyle.com/ticketcenter/ticketcenter.aspx?club=CODEXXX for $25 online in advance OR $30 at the door (although a $5 DISCOUNT is available at the door with either the event flyer OR just by mentioning my name - "Morgan"). You can get more info on all this (including the event flyer) at the CODE XXX website: http://codedc.com/XXX.html

This will be a "full service" party, with full liquor service, club music, a sling, playrooms and more... So the bar will be open, and the tunes and HOT MEN will be playing... Don't miss it - this is sure to be a wild time! We hope to see many, MANY of you there... :)


P.S., Please start getting your memberships and tickets ASAP - and bring your friends! The more successful each month's event is, the better we can ensure that CODE XXX will continue to be a REGULAR MONTHLY EVENT for us all to enjoy!
Here are the important websites:

Code XXX: http://codedc.com/XXX.html (shows the flyer)

Crucible Membership: https://www.cruciblelifestyle.com/ticketcenter/membership.aspx

Event tickets (online advance): https://www.cruciblelifestyle.com/ticketcenter/ticketcenter.aspx?club=CODEXXX

For more info on The Crucible itself: http://www.the-crucible.com/front.htm


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