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  •   Small White Guy
    whitesubforu ·

    June 7, 2013

    I've been here about 4 times in the past 2 months. I enjoyed myself all but one time when someone wouldn't stop following me around and trying to massage my shoulders. I'm a small white guy who likes black guys, so this place fits me better than the crew club. I would like to be there when more of a crowd is there though. I've gone a different times and there has been between 1 and 10 guys there. I'm gonna try this Saturday around 4am.
  •   A Glory Hole Club is a sex club guys
    robert.daigle.79 ·

    April 23, 2013

    t other brothers as well. I am looking forward to checking out the new one. I just wish someone would also open up another Plain Brown Wrapper bookstore that was up on New York Avenue were the new Convention Center is now and was next to a Black Gay club.
  •   unhealth club
    GalizaCeive ·

    October 30, 2012

    EN: It's a wide place but with rare decoration (dining tables, with office chairs, roled carpets in the middle, antiques...). Horrible smell at glory holes but not in the rest of the place. Hard to get there if you not have a car or taxi (20 min from city center and 15$). Expensive: 20$ + 4$ locker in 2012 but opens all night. Very few people a sunday evening, about 12 guys mostly black, some sleeping at the sofas, and the most of them with desdain attitude. Rude desk people. Don't waste your time and money inthis place. Still, i had 2 nice rides (black & white). PT/GZ: O local e amplo, embora a decoracao fica estranha com mesas de comedor e cadeiras de escritorio, carpetes enrolados pelo meio, antiguidades sem sentido... Muito pouca gente um domingo pela tarde, apenas 12 gajos maiormente negros, alguns dormindo nos sofas velhos, outros com atitude dessinteressada. Dificil de chegar sem carro, e de taxi precissa 20 min. desde o centro e uns 15$, ademais outros 20$ para entrar e 4$ o armario. Os fucionarios sao rudes. Nos glory holes o cheiro e horrivel. Nao percas tempo e dinheiro neste local, embora eu consegui dois apanhos (preto e branco).
  •   deliciously disgusting
    sexspyguy ·

    July 9, 2012

    This place has potential..... if you can ignore the hazards around you... glorious health hazard should be the name. Yes there are glory holes you can slut your way thru... some clean... some with .feces,urine,nutt
  •   when is the best time to go
    ruru ·

    July 6, 2012

    i always wanna go but dont know when should i go for a good time
  •   A must see!
    outielover ·

    June 27, 2012

    Yes, this place is mostly for Black men to connect with Black men. However I have seen whites and Blacks get it on. Whites should be careful since there are some brothas who are not feeling ya. Place is off the charts though. There is usually something for everybody. Best thing about it is it is not like that stuffy place on 14th Street.. You meet real people here and not just wannabe models
  •   Thats the difference vs. Army and Navy
    ArmySubBottomCravesBlackCock ·

    May 24, 2012

    I havent been to this place yet, but just read the Navy dudes review below. Army guys like me dont mind dark, smelly places. In fact we thrive on them. I thrive on cruising for Black cock and getting used like a whore in places like these. Cant wait to visit this place.
  •   Question
    OrigIowaGuy ·

    May 24, 2012

    Does this place have a sun deck?
  •   Black Mans Dream
    Blackmon ·

    May 3, 2012

    Finally a place where Bruthaz can vibe with other Bruthaz, i live in a city where it's almost taboo to like, love and appreciate someone who looks like you. Ignore all the negative BS from some other posts it's a dayum glory hole/freak spot for Petes sake, I did not go here expecting a clean pristine environment HELLOO - have to agree with a previous post it's clean enough for a dick sucking/boinking join! If you can't find any action in here then apparently you are in the wrong spot. Every time I'm in DC this place becomes a MUST DO all weekend long! Again so refreshing to find a freak spot teeming full of other hottt black men like myself. 5 stars 4sho btw - Memorial Day Wknd is off da hinge Thurs - Mon CAN'T WAIT ummmpf ummmpf!
  •   fiery of hell! Stay away
    Navy82 ·

    March 6, 2012

    this place was the worst hell I have been to across the united states. That bad it left burnt images in my head. The place was hot and if it smelt like sulfer it would have been well you. Place catered to mainly black people with art and porn all black instead of mixed. The place was dirty no real privacy if you did happen to find someone in there you might want to do something with. Used condoms, used drug content in some of the hook up places very dirty. It had a patio that looked like something off of resident evil 5 but fits the description of the place. Place was dark dark in areas with glory holes as main attraction if your into dark hot places with black people and glory holes this is the place for you overall scary. Go somewhere else
  •   Awesome!
    vrcteam ·

    February 15, 2012

    I think this is a great place, worth checking out. Also, stop by and check out to volunteer for an HIV vaccine clinical trial. Compensation is provided.
  •   THE Place For GH Lovers
    SparkyDC ·

    December 17, 2011

    This place rocks. This is THE place for glory hole lovers. This is the only GH in the DC/Baltimore area where you don’t need to put coins in a machine every few minutes. One flat fee and you can stay for hours. In May 2011, 48 booths were installed and this place is now hopping. Prior to that, there were no booths and the place wasn’t busy. This is a huge facility – it’s in an old warehouse. It is sort of a GH and bath house combined. Overall, the interior and furnishings are a bit tattered, but who cares. One area has 48 new, well-built booths. Each booth has three holes. It is clean by GH standards. There are drains in the floor – I think they just hose the booths down every so often. There is a shower and steam room area. I haven’t seen many guys in this area – probably because it smelled like mildew. But, this area is being renovated now and there’s no funny smell. So it is getting better. There are no private rooms, but there are four small rooms with locking doors. There is an outdoor patio which is fairly nice. There is a nice roof deck. I saw lots of action on the roof during the summer. There are several lounge areas with comfortable couches inside. They play pretty good dance/club music from satellite radio. The lounge near the front door has a dining table and TV. I’ve seen people eating a sandwich and catching up on the news. There is a video room with a new flat screen playing porn all the time. There are many dark nooks and crannies where guys play and other guys watch them. I’ve been there about ten times. The busiest times are: Friday night, Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, and Sunday afternoon. On Friday and Saturday nights, it doesn’t get real busy until midnight. But, a lot of guys would like to see it busy at 9pm. So let’s start arriving earlier and create a crowd. Demographics during the busy times: about 50% Black, about 30% White, about 10% Asian, about 10% Latin. Other reviewers have said the crowd is too Black at times and the Black guys won’t play with anyone else. I don’t think this is true – at least during the busy times. Let’s get our Asian, White, and Latin friends to go there more often and round out the crowd. There is free, safe parking in a private lot. The closest metro station is NY Avenue (red line). But, the station is 1.7 miles away. This isn’t the best part of town and I would not feel safe walking. I’m not sure about bus service. I’ve always felt safe by driving there and parking in their lot.
  •   Newly Renovated
    OthelloAnton ·

    August 30, 2011

    Renovated facility and website put Glorious ahead of the rest! Still needs a hot tub! Facility renovations by the mgmt. Website renovations by Yerger Tech ( Check them both out!
  •   Wow

    August 14, 2011

    I've been there once, the place is so dirty and not taken care at all. The bath room so stinky, the patio aand roof top a nice spot but not taken care at all. The maze is good but dirty. The police stop and told me the area is not safe and to take more precautions. GHC should have security to assist their customer who are taking cabs.
  •   Freaky Black Brothers Fucking
    after7pm ·

    August 6, 2011

    yes the place def dirty/nasty/ and tons of old worn out men.. but about out 70 dudes maybe 35 were tight & ready to fuck hardcore. Yeah I had a good time... I dont trip ova the older dudes.. I smile & keep moving to the sexy brothers..
  •   Great Place
    sexymen06 ·

    July 24, 2011

    Great place for black men, not as cleaned kept as The Crew Club but way more black hot guys. I am mixed and like both places for different reasons. From my experiences the guys at GHC are less aggressive than at The Crew Club so the posters OMG may not have been aggressive enough. The guys at GHC are more laid back vs. The Crew Club which portrays and atmosphere of you know why your here i.e you have to take your clothes off at The Crew Club down to a towel. I personally do like to see what I am getting out of clothes but prefer a guy in clothing at first (more relaxed). So Glorious Health is a great place to go. Good looking young and old guys.
  •   OMG
    buttfly ·

    June 5, 2011

    Two of my friends and I (all white) decided to explore the Glorious Health Club. We went there on Saturday (06/04/11) around 1 a.m., there were a few men but not many, and we were ignored by all. When we decided to leave aroun 3 a.m. a man parked in his car in the parking lot said to us "This is a club where black men come to meet other black men, most white men are frustrated when they leave, maybe you should go somehwere else", in other words we were not welcomed and will be ignored. We were shocked and disappointed since we were looking for fun period. The place was huge, but unclean and not very inviting. Needless to say I will take my "friend's" advice and never come back to this place ever again. What a waste of time and $20.00.
  •   Wow!
    irishtaig ·

    May 2, 2011

    i am a white sub boi. my visit to the club was glorious. i was treated by mutiple new black friends like a new boi on the cell block. Incredible time!
    bFlay24 ·

    March 3, 2011

    Visited this club from out of state and with some experience with bath houses. I foolishly disregarded the many bad reviews-MISTAKE! The place is completely filthy and seedy atmosphere. Like a bad 70's movie melodrama cautionary tale warning about the nefarious big city. George C. Scott is dead, so he won't be swooping in to save you!
  •   Fan of the original, this one SUCKS
    danedcman ·

    February 20, 2011

    OK. I actually joined GayCities ti share with the world what a rip off this place is. To put it in context, I used to go to the old Glorious Health in SE DC. Back then it was known as "Slam Doors" because of the loud slams the doors made when they closed the booths with the glory holes. Back then, there were two basic play spaces: the booths and the back room. There were three aisles of private booths. each of them, depending on location had two or three glory holes and bench seats. The back room was scattered with tall wooden boxes about 8 feet high that could be moved to create private areas or to create "rooms" for group fun. The bathrooms were gross, the place was seedy, I always put my wallet in my sock because it wasn't exactly the Ritz Carlton crowd. Simply put, it was one of the seediest AND hottest places in DC. Slam Doors how I miss thee so. A few years older, but not that many, and horny one saturday evening thoughts of the old Slam Doors came to mind and I researched the new place and figured "eh, I'll give it a try." I went at 1:00am on a Saturday, the time that the old place was hopping, filled with at least a few dozen guys, at least a 1/5 of which were worth talking a look at. As I drove to the new place and pulled it, I got pretty excited. The parking lot for about 20 cars was so full that the overflow parking was opened. "This is gonna be fun," I thought. I should have followed my gut as I approached the front doors and left. I didn't. A full glass entry door area greets you as if it is a supermarket, with huge sliding glass doors opening as you approach. Ahead of you is another window with someone I'd say is "a character." The man takes your $20 and asks a bunch of irrelevant questions: Name (make it up), city and such crap (make it all up). He points to the door and presses a buzzer to unlock it so I can enter. "FINALLY," I thought. Within 60 seconds I knew I had wasted 25 minutes going there, $20 bucks, and 25 minutes home. Where do I begin? This place is kinda like Sybil. Multiple personality disorder to the first degree. Is it a social club? If it is, there are a number of too well lit social areas with dirty sofas and chairs. Almost surreally, there are large hanging punching bags from the ceiling. I wondered "Are they trying to make an artistic statement here where boxing bags represent chandeliers in a living room?" Around the large "living room" there are shelves of pottery. And I don't mean 1 or 2 shelves, I mean dozens. The pottery is locked behind walls with windows that look like they were contracted. There is also a door that leads to a video room (playspace?) It's overly lit, the porn sucked and the music was too loud. On to the next play area. A vast space, probable 100 feet by 75 feet awaits you. What is your preference? Crappy booths with no glory holes marked "Private Cell Phone Booth"? Silly dividers with slats that seem to be useless? Or do you prefer The Old O Street tall boxes? They are the ONLY decent thing in the place (although the crappy music destroys that fun, too). So, if this isn't all enough, I'm 44 and I was the youngest guy in the place. When I think of the old place, I realize the only thing in common is the name. Save your $20 bucks. They should pay you $20 for having sot suffer it.
  •   if u r Black
    cb ·

    December 21, 2010

    Could be Interesting. Otherwise hit and miss. u could be totally ignored. Taxi out is always a 30 minutes wait événement with a generous tip to attendant
  •   Seedy but you will get some action
    CDog ·

    November 7, 2010

    Very dark and dirty on a seedy side of town. Plenty of parking that is monitored. Not required to give your ID, but will be asked to identify yourself, Mr. Smith :-) Large open areas and many cubicles. Outside there are glory holes, but they are no good in bad weather. Disapointed that staff doesn't even provide paper towels!! Bathrooms are filthy. Definitely a stand up sex place, but there are bunkbeds and private rooms. Cubicles have terrible construction and you might get splinters from the platforms. Bring your own wet wipes!! Lockers are a joke. Good crowds late on Friday and Saturday nights. Mostly Black, but some Latinos and Whites come through. Good place to get a quickie if you are not too particular.
  •   YUCK
    123rodeo ·

    October 12, 2010

    This place is a dump. I walked around and left right away.
    omg ·

    September 30, 2010

    the reviews are have to rent a towel. all the guys are walking in full clothes.there is a car in the middle area with pillows. did nt see a steam room...or even showers..the lockers...are chicken wire cages...that u must rent a lock ...if u want to store ur things... we were there for 5 minutes....and left......DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME OR MONEY......NOT JOKING.
  •   No sandals no fun
    Wolfmen ·

    May 31, 2010

    Last Friday I took a group of friends coming from N.Y.C to visit the Eagle in New York Ave, but when we were about to walk in Mr. Willie E. Coyote, didn't let us in cause two of my friends ( we were 8) were wearing sandals, so we went to another place, then Me and my boyfriend came back late and being inside we saw two guy wearing sandals, I asked Mr Coyote why, and he said, oh is because he came before 9pm that's the rule, ( you wear whatever you want including Sandals) B.S. I forgot that the rule changed because I am Hispanic and he was white. Nice to know and nice to let all of my friends know!!!
  •   ** ITS BACK **
    10inches ·

    May 28, 2010

    Love the new joint. lots of upgrades. Love the steam room, such a great place if you have not been go check it out. i went during the week on a tuesday night and on a saturday night both times where great. i like the fact that you can go in and out. no other bathhouse offers that.

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